About Ankarsrum Kitchen

Ankarsrum Kitchen AB is one out of four companies in the Ankarsrum Industries Group.

Located in the  town of Ankarsrum in Småland, the company markets, sells and distributes the kitchen machine Ankarsrum Assistent Original®. This kitchen machine was first developed in the 1940s by industrial designer Alvar Lenning under the three watchwords of quality, functionality and design. Ankarsrum Assistent Original® became Sweden’s first kitchen machine and is just as popular today. Since its launch in 1940, 1,500,000 Ankarsrum Assistent Original® machines have been sold in 30 different countries.

Why Assistent Original?


"A world where people’s passion for food is constantly nourished and shared"

Ankarsrum Kitchen Vision


Handmade in Ankarsrum by Ankarsrum

Our sister company Ankarsrum Die Casting manufacture the chassi to our Ankarsrum Assistent Original as well as the meat mincer and other parts.

Our other sister Company Ankarsrum Motors produce the powerful motor as well as operate all assemblies. A rigorous quality control is being performed by Ankarsrum Motors on each and every Ankarsrum Assistent Original before leaving the factory.


Ankarsrum Kitchen website: www.ankarsrum.com


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